We had the awesome opportunity to bring this renovated Lake house to life through staging. In real estate location is key, and this home had a key selling feature of a beautiful view of Norris lake off of the living room.

For the staging, we opted to go with a casual design with a color pallet featuring bright blues and teals to really draw the buyers eye to the view of the stunning lake.

Check it out below.

For the Open Concept  Living Room, we positioned the furniture in a way to keep the buyers eye bouncing around the full scope of the room.
A smaller counter height table with 4 chairs effectively brings out the charm  of this house, while showing the potential use of this eat in kitchen

For the Master bedroom, we kept with the same casual lake house theme

Furniture strategically placed at the right scale effectively shows off the how this smaller Master suite can be fully utilized

Heading downstairs to the basement area you will see my favorite transformative area of this home, the basement staged as a family room! My first impression while walking through the basement vacant was that the space felt very sterile, cold, and uninviting. Notice how the fireplace is off centered on the back wall. This along with the structure foundation columns would make it very difficult for a buyer to envision how to use this space when left vacant.

This is a before picture of the basement space prior to cosmetic renovations and staging. Notice all that was changed cosmetically was paint on the walls, columns, and fireplace!
Notice how the strategic placement of the furniture allows the buyers eye to focus on the full scope of the space deterring the buyers eye from the awkwardly positioned columns.

This home went under contract right away with multiple Full Price offers!!!
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Video of Living Room!