Yes, studies and statistics show that staging does in fact work.

Here are the FACTS:

  • Most buyers form an opinion about a home within the first 7-10 seconds of arriving.
  • Web appeal is the new curb appeal! Over 90% of buyers start their home search on the Internet. Home Staging ensures that your photographs stand out and attracts buyers to come view your home in person.
  • Sellers who spent $500 on staging recovered over 343% of the cost when they sold their home. (
  • In controlled tests selling identical homes, professionally staged vs. those not staged, the non-staged houses sold in 102 days, while the staged houses sold in 45 days. (Real Estate Staging Association)
  • According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the average staging investment is between 1 and 3% of the home’s asking price, which generates a return on investment of around 8 to 10%.
    Staged homes spent 83% less time on the market than non-staged homes. (
Staging in conjunction with home improvements enables you to list your home for more than you could if the home weren’t staged.When you invest money into your home’s presentation, you will recoup more than you put in.

Most staged homes sell for the listing price or very close to it, and sometimes even more. This can happen if there are multiple offers, or sometimes the buyer will come in high from day 1 knowing that the home will get multiple offers since it “shows” well.

You should hire a stager as soon as you decide to sell your home. You should hire a stager before you paint, start repairs, upgrades, etc. because often the stager can offer additional savings along with steering you in the right direction.
Our goal is to make staging your home as affordable as possible, but please keep in mind sometimes you do have to spend money to make money! You typically save in the end because the home sells fast and you avoid price reductions, and the high expense and stress of carrying cost.
Most buyers cannot see the potential in a vacant home. It is hard for them to connect with the property and visualize themselves living in the space.
We are truly committed to the sale of your home and our unique fruitful packages offer unmatched value while making your home selling experience easy, convenient, and affordable.
Staging helps bring out the best features and attributes in your renovations. The two go hand in hand to reflect a premium product on the market. Staging will help you truly MAXIMIZE your profits. Plus it is also proven that staged homes are more likely to appraise at list price so you minimize the risk of your flip not appraising or sitting on the market for longer than expected.
It’s never too late to hire a professional stager. Staging has been proven to revitalize stale listings that have sat on the market for long periods of time.