Hi! I’m Lydia, an authentic energetic entrepreneur with a passion for helping people and a God given eye for design. I often get asked what inspired me to start a home staging company. I like to think that I was actually pulled into this. Born with a talent that eventually evolved into a passion coupled with ambition and creativity; it’s fair to say that it was only a matter of time before I gave birth to my vision.

The ‘aha’ moment went off in my mind when I discovered home staging through the sale of my personal property.

A few years back, I decided to sell one of my rental properties, which at the time had a tenant in it. The lease didn’t expire until November! This meant that the home would be on the market during the holidays, which is considered the “slow time” in real estate.

After committing to sell the home, I realized there was no going back so I decided to perform some research in the Atlanta area and truly began to analyze what is it that makes some homes sell super-fast, while in the SAME neighborhood other houses will sit, and sit, and sit for long periods of time. That’s when I realized that PRESENTATION and PERCEPTION are everything in real estate!

I worked with my hubby to prepare the home to sell. I designed the renovations, upgrades, and repairs (less than $10K) and staged the property myself using my design talent and years of visual merchandising experience. The house didn’t go on the market until the week of Thanksgiving and received a verbal offer after only one day on the market! Plus it sold for $30K more than other homes in the same neighborhood listed at the same time!

After experiencing and seeing the power of staging first hand, the light bulb went off, and I became extremely inspired to help others sell their homes fast and for top dollar and decided to start Fruitful Home Staging Company.

Since then, Fruitful Home Staging has staged more than $1 million dollars in real estate and has partnered with homeowners, realtors, and investors to help them reap the most out of their home sales.

Our motto is

“Good design will always make a property shine.”

Lydia has been designing spaces for over nine years and is a Certified Staging Professional through the International Business Training Academy.