Wow as soon as you walk onto the lot that this home is on, the feeling of a woodsy refreshing retreat consumes you! This home is surrounded by huge plush trees in full bloom. Once inside the home, EVERY single window has a gorgeous view of greenery. I absolutely loved bringing the feeling of the outdoors IN when staging this home.

We decided to use a nature inspired color palette featuring neutral hues of tan, gray, brown, and black with hints of sea green and blue throughout the house. Check it out!


Upon entering the home you can see the gorgeous greenery from the huge bay windows. We opted to feature a hand crafted elephant painting over the entry table keeping with our outdoor theme.


From this view in the living room you can see the home has a very unique open floor plan. We created two separate areas showcasing the  living room and the entry way of the home to optimize the flow. On the wall adjacent the two cut outs we added a black stone floor lamp (more outdoor elements) and full length mirror to balance out the space. This floor plan is perfect for entertaining guest!


Open floor plan for living/dining room. Notice how the centerpiece on the dining table ties the two spaces together while drawing you into the kitchen.

Pine Hill-13

Swan centerpiece!




This home received an offer after being on the market only 2 days!

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