Tick Tock…the clock is ticking and your home is sitting on the market without any offers. What is the problem? Many homeowners begin to wonder and loose hope. If you house is on the market and isn’t getting much traction, here are our top reasons why.

1. Your home lacks presentation

How you home is perceived and presented is everything in Real Estate. This means that your home must be in immaculate condition. Starting from the curb appeal the grass should be cut, the bushes trimmed, and the inside of the home should be spot less. Clean homes are perceived as being well maintained. And new upgraded homes are perceived as being more valuable. So does your home have outdated appliances and fixtures? If so, you may want to invest in new stainless steel appliances and new fixtures. Next move to the walls and the floors.  Is the carpet clean? Are the hardwood floors shining? Is the paint fresh and neutral? If all of these things check off, the next thing to analyze is the appeal of your home.

2.  Your home lacks appeal

Buyers buy off of EMOTION. Your home must speak to their emotions by appealing to them. The furniture and accessories all add to the appeal of your home. You want for your home to have a “WOW” factor when buyers walk in the home, and the best way to do this is to invest in good home staging. If there is a feature of your home such as an awkward floor plan that doesn’t appeal to buyers, you have to help buyers visualize how they will live in the space. The paint colors, floor plan, furniture arrangement, accessories etc. all play apart in how appealing your home is, and the feeling that buyers get once they walk into your home. What kind of feeling are buyers getting when they walk into your home? Is it cold and vacant? Cluttered? Do they feel at home or feel like they are intruding in someone else’s home?

3. Your home is over priced

If you home is grossly overpriced it will turn off buyers from coming to view it. Check how your home compares to the competition and make sure you have good comps to justify the price of the home.

4. Your Realtor Sucks

BEWARE if you realtor list your home using low quality cell phone pictures or worse no pictures at all. Good realtors realize that marketing is the key to getting homes sold and are willing to invest their money into their listing efforts. Yes, this means they will pay to have your home professionally photographed and will do what is needed to get your listing seen!

5. Your home isn’t accessible

Statistics show that homes that are occupied take longer to sell. Many times because the home isn’t as accessible to showings and the owners haven’t mentally moved out or depersonalized their homes. Make sure you home is always show ready and be open to showings during unconventional hours to maximize the traffic coming into your home.

There is still HOPE! Believe it or not, there is a science behind selling homes and when the formula is followed your home will SELL! If your listing isn’t moving, call  today to enlist the help of an expert home stager 678-961-3771!