Most parents know when it comes to kids and homes it is usually only a matter of MINUTES before your living room can become a tornado, the sofa turns into a trampoline, and your table becomes the new drum!

So how to make sure your home remains stylish and that the kiddies don’t RUIN you brand new dining table or new sofa? The trick is to think LONG Term; purchase pieces that are timeless in nature and that can LAST through time and rough children.

Here are our top 5 Tips on how to make your home stylish and kid friendly.

  1. Invest in 100% Leather

Leather is one of the most durable fabrics out there. Did you know a good quality leather sofa can last over 30 years and still look flawless?  When shopping for a sofa or chairs that are going to be used in high traffic areas think LONG Term! The great thing about leather is when ink or juice spills you can just wipe it up making it the ultimate kid friendly material. Just be careful to not skim and get pleather, leather blends, bonded leather, etc. Although these materials may be cheaper and look good, they are more prone to rip and tear! When purchasing leather for main living room, we recommend lighter neutral colors to brighten the room up such as this cream sectional pinned from Havertys furniture pictured below.

Haverty Cream Sectional


  1. Try Distressed Wood Pieces

The great thing about distressed wood is that it already looks “beat up”. With a distressed wood dining table or coffee table you don’t have to worry about scratches or chips sticking out like an eye sore unlike on traditional smooth wood pieces. This trick can also work for hardwood flooring; try textured hardwood vs. traditional smooth hardwood. When shopping for furniture, look for pieces with lots of texture such as this dining table below pictured from Basset Furniture. Added bonus is that textured pieces add more visual interest to your space.

Emporium Dining Table Close upBasset Emporium Dining Table


  1. Get Creative with Storage

Storage is King in a house with children. Who said the toys have to go in a “toy box”? Instead use storage ottomans that can serve multiple purposes in various rooms and still be utilized as your child grows older. Be sure to get ottomans with hinged lids to prevent smashed fingers.

Storage ottoman with hinged top


  1. Buy Throw Pillow Covers

Decorative throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a room, but let’s face it with kids the pillows get thrown around, drooled on, and everything else in between. When you are out shopping for those pillows, do yourself a favor and look for a zipper; that way when an accident happens you can easily just clean the cover! Same goes for if the pillow gets worn down; you can just replace the insert. The pillow covers pictured below are from Pill-o-matic, and they have several stylish prints to choose from!

Etsy pillow covers


  1. Stay away from glass pieces

Although that glass table may have glam appeal, keep in mind that glass loves to show fingerprints. So if you purchase something made out of this material, you WILL be constantly cleaning and wiping off finger prints.

No Glass Table for Kids