We are in the process of staging a series of houses in Snellville, GA and this is house #2. This cute little bungalow style home definitely has a case of the Tardis Effect i.e. is much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside….

Since this home was under 1100 Square feet, our goal with the staging was to make the home appear larger while making the best use of the space.

Check it out below to see how we did just that.

Upon entering this home, we added a small entry way and positioned the living room furniture in a layout that doesn’t block the flow, while still showing how it can easily be used for entertaining…. In small spaces scale is very important.  Adding the right amount of furniture in the right scale in an empty space actually makes it appear larger.

You also have to be careful with the amount of accessories as too much can make the space feel heavy and cluttered…

As you can see below the living room area opens up to the kitchen. The kitchen has multiple cut outs, which you often find in older homes.

Since the kitchen was way too tight for a dining area, we decided to create a small dining space in the room off of the kitchen, where you can see into it from the cut out in the kitchen.

The Master bedroom is off of this room as well. So we choose to use a table that could work for multiple purposes vs. a traditional “dining table”

The Master bedroom is actually pretty large so we wanted to showcase how you could use this room for multiple purposes…

In this small home we only showcased the key rooms, but as you can see it was just enough to give the home some personality and really make this cozy bungalow POP.

Many investors stray away from staging smaller lower cost homes with the assumption that it’s not worth the investment. That could not be further from the truth!! Most smaller homes benefit from staging the MOST because vacant homes appear smaller and you often have to get creative with the best way to utilize the space at hand.

I’m sure this home won’t last long!!