Wow, what a transformation this home went through with the staging of this unique floor plan home.When I first walked through this home, I knew that it would require quite a bit of imagination and creativity to show buyers the true potential in the space.

The open living area in particular had 3 main challenges we needed to overcome:

  1. There was no defined dining area
  2. The fire place was awkwardly positioned off center in the living area
  3. There was an oddly placed bedroom door right beside the fireplace outlined in white molding (Yikes)

Below are the initial pictures I took in the space illustrating the challenges described above.

My main goal with the staging was to position the furniture in a way that the photographs and human eye would visually draw attention away from these downfalls.

Here is how we did just that:

First, we decided to go with a bold color pallet to create the WOW factor as soon as you walk through the door. We positioned the furniture in a way to highlight the large window and to highlight the gorgeous greenery outside drawing the buyers eye outside.

Second, we put minimal decor around the fireplace as not to compete visually with the window. We also created a dining area across from the living room and placed a floor plant in the corner….again distracting from the awkward fireplace placement.

Lastly, to address the door eyesore that was right in the middle of the living room, we decided to turn the bedroom into an office space and photograph the living room with the door OPEN. In this space, we used a complimentary colors so the office now visually served as an extension of the living room creating a nice flow. 🙂

I think the photos turned out great!! Believe it or not this home had over 8 showings the first weekend on the market and quickly went under contract ABOVE asking price!

Another true testament of the power of good staging.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!! 🙂