2016 has been an AMAZING year for the launch of our business. We were able to set and meet some pretty ambitious goals, while managing the start-up growth of our newly launched business.

During our 1st year in business we have been able to stage over 10 properties, build mutually beneficial relationships with key clients, deliver exceptional results within our niched investor market, receive a national staging award, and position our company for anticipated revamping and growth coming in 2017.

Many equate starting a business to having a baby: Growing pains, tough as hell at first then gets easier, learn as you go, etc. And I must say a lot of what you hear is VERY true. The start-up journey has by no means been “easy”, and we have run into quite a few speed bumps, but all in the spirit of learning and growing and adapting our business. I’m a firm believer that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….so let’s just say we have built quite a bit of muscle. 🙂

In 2017, our main business focus is going to be on scalability. We plan to keep our staging operations small and variable in size and overhead, while catering to a very distinct market built on repeat business and partnerships. We also plan to branch out into the retail sector by opening our 1st online furniture and décor store, which is set to open by late spring.

Our e-commerce store is going to allow our clients and fans all around the world the ability to gain design ideas and inspiration from real homes, and the convenience to order mid and high end furniture pieces online at responsible prices and have them white-glove delivered into their homes.

We are very excited about what is underway for 2017 and humbled by what we have been able to accomplish in 2016.

Below are a few of our favorite staged properties from 2016 and the amazing results they received:

Bass-10This adorable Decatur Ranch sold 98% faster when staged vs. being listed non staged. After staging, this home received a full price offer after 2 days!


This Mid Century Glam home received a full price offer after 2 days on market! There were approximately 5 other flips within a 1 mile radius(some even at lower price points) that were on the market during the same time and this home sold 90% faster with staging!

2442-Fontaine Cir-Decatur-GA

This Comfortable Chic home went in and out of contract 3 times within a 45 day period with 3 different buyers! It received its 1st offer after the 1st week on market and unfortunately fell out of contract, which for most sellers is their worse fear, but due to effective staging this property had BACK UP buyers/offers waiting on it!

2213-Wallingford Dr-Decatur-GA

This Stylish home was staged the week before Thanksgiving and received an offer after the 1st 2 weeks on market!

In conclusion, we have truly been fortunate to meet and partner with some truly amazing people in 2016. Relationships are at the heart of our business and we strive for excellence in everything that we do. Thank you to all that have worked with us, referred us, or just offered your friendship and advice. Please stay tuned! We look forward to taking our business to the next level in 2017!