1.  We Love What We Do

Talent and Passion are at the forefront of our business

2. We Believe In Faith

Our company was founded on Faith and a dream. We personally believe that every home that we stage has a buyer waiting on it and our purpose is to connect your home with that buyer! We pray and believe in this principle for every home and project.

3. We Don’t Do Mediocore

Every home we stage we put 120% into it. We only use high quality furnishings and accessories that are fit for your home. If we are running low on inventory, we source more high quality furnishings. We give our all on every project and to every client regardless of any outside obstacles.

4. We Value Relationships

We value relationships and strive to create partnerships with our clients built on trust. We don’t just say this; we live it through our actions.

5. We Have Your Best Interest at Heart

Any service we recommend is because we honestly believe it will help with the goal of selling your home fast. When referring outside vendors, we don’t mark up any service or accept any type of kickbacks.

6. We are Authentic and Do What We Say

We say what we mean and mean what we say. We strive to be transparent in all of our dealings. And if a mistake happens, we own it and work our butts off to make it right!

7. We Believe in Giving Back

We are committed to serving our local community and donate a percentage of our proceeds to Rebuilding Together and Habitat for Humanity

8. We are the BEST

Although we may not be the largest or the most tenured staging company we do believe that we are the BEST.